Gradering elvekajakk

Beskrivelsene er hentet fra en stensil fra et kurs - send gjerne et hint om en norsk versjon.

Grade 1- Easy
Small infrequent rapids with easily defineable course; small regular waves; no problem of navigation through rapids of other obstructions.

Grade 2 - Moderately Difficult
Frequent rapids with regular waves, bends and eddies; stretches of easy water between rapids; light to moderately difficult stoppers.

Grade 3 - Difficult
Passage through rapids requires manoeuvres to keep to the main course and to avoid whirlpools, strong eddies and waves, small falls and holes; passage not always easily seen from the river; only short passages of light water between rapids; holding stoppers.

Grade 4 - Very Difficult
Long stretches of heavy rapids with irregular waves, lager falls, strong current, powerful whirlpools, sharp curves and strong eddies. The way through rapids is no easily recognised through the water, an will often require inspection from the bank; difficult holding stoppers.

Grade 5 - Extremely Difficult
Long, extremely difficult rapids with large, irregular, and conflicting wave patterns, extremely difficult falls, whirlpools, curves and eddies requiring precision paddling to keep to the correct course; the route through will not normally be recognisable from above and inspection of each rapid, or section of rapids, will be required; extremely powerful currents with a steep gradient; powerful and dangerous holding stoppers.

Grade 6 - Extremely Difficult with Strong Risk to Life and Limb
Not normally attempted, except by the most accomplished and experienced canoeist.

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